Promethej is the artificial intelligence driven brand storytelling tool that helps brands find and use their own proprietary Story. To find out how Promehej works, follow the link to an interview with its author, Karlo Stojcevic:

As all recent researches confirm, all stories in the history of Western Civilisation are based on 8 Archetypical Stories we all know well. Promethej’s AI Brain is trained to locates that Archetypical Story for any brand, and variations within it to fit brand purpose, values and attributes.

Because many brands “fight” for the mind of the audience using similar archetypical stories without really “knowing” it, Promethej assures that any brand saves time and money on telling its own Story, not to be confused with Story that other brands already occupy in the mind of their audiences.

Promethej’s AI Brain is the brainchild of Karlo Stojcevic, a world-class branding professional with over 17 years of working experience with international brands.


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